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GMS Media Center: Media Center Expecations

Policies and Procedures

Behavior and Responsibilities

  • ​Please be respectful of other students and staff using the media center
  • You are responsible for your personal items
  • Computers are for school work only
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the media center
  • All other applicable school rules will be in effect in the Media Center.


  • Students may borrow up to 3 items at a time (2 graphic novels).  Keep them for two weeks.  Use Destiny to renew books and to find out what you have checked out.
  • Destiny is our library catalog.  Use Destiny to find print books, audiobooks, and even more ebooks! Login: StudentID# (numbers only) and Network Password
  • SORA has our most popular ebooks and audiobooks. Login: and Network Password.

Computer Accounts

  • Users are responsible for their accounts and must keep passwords strictly confidential
  • Users are prohibited from sharing accounts and passwords
  • Any violations that can be traced to an individual account name will be treated as the responsibility of the account owner
  • Users must log off all systems before leaving a computer or workstation or allowing others to use it

Computer Code of Conduct

  • Students should treat MCPS electronic property respectfully
  • Using language, pictures, or other material that is obscene, vulgar, abusive, or otherwise harmful to students is prohibited
  • All use of computer facilities, networks, and other technology resources must be for educational purposes
  • MCPS Regulation IGT-RA
  • User Responsibilities for Computer Systems,
  • Electronic Information, and Network Security