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GMS Counseling: About Us

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About Us

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to provide a collaborative and holistic approach to counseling. We will support students and offer a safe space to learn skills that will help them grow intellectually, socially and emotionally to be successful.  We will create an engaging environment for students to learn as we use equitable practices to support the closing of the achievement gap. We will remove barriers so students can make meaningful connections between their own personal lives and school which will allow them opportunities of academic, emotional growth and development. 

Vision Statement: We inspire students to be life learners by providing all students access to the curriculum.  Our students will receive high levels of learning to become college and career ready.  Our students will also receive skills to be empathetic and compassionate individuals in order to make a significant difference in the lives of others in their communities.    


 Susie Ikpemgbe                                                          Courtney St John


     Erica Oben                                            Annie Zhang